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Some years back, I found out that I had a brain tumor; a very nasty one, a meningioma. Most of my friends were devastated, I wasn’t. At the time, compared to now I didn’t know much about the bible even though I was in church. Well, that’s deceptive and I’m sorry…I knew about faith but I couldn’t quote scriptures and the Word of God wasn’t embedded in my heart at the time. However, as people stood around to pray with me before surgery it became obvious that “they” didn’t expect me to make it. That can really be something! I had to take over the prayer because I was surrounded by people who didn’t know what to say. I professed by faith that God would spare me because He loved me and had plans for me. God honored my prayer.

My faith walk encountered many challenges after that. Oh the adventures that I’ve had. God sent me to college during my recovery and I went readily with stroke like symptoms (from the surgery) and a strong speech impediment until I acquired two degrees. It sure was theraputic for God to take a girl who had almost flunked out of college back to complete it with excellence and to fulfill a long time desire. I have fully recovered. I serve God. I don’t like to talk about me because God is far far more important. I’m just a servant writing for Him, serving as a writer and prayer intercessor. I seek God daily and I feel that I’m called to encourage! I want to broadcast to the world how good He is and to save souls and console in words and prayer! That’s why I’m here…All the Best.lanieathome.jpg

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  1. Thedra McMillian permalink
    January 8, 2008 4:23 pm

    Praise God’s Holy Name. Please keep me in your prayers and I will you.

  2. peacefulone permalink*
    January 8, 2008 6:24 pm

    Dearest Sister Thedra, thanks for writing! We will add you to our Corporate Prayer List! Should you have any specific prayer needs or concerns in the future…please write us back. We love you and will continue to keep you uplifted! Blessings & Love


  3. Rev. Tommy Davis, DDCS permalink
    January 18, 2008 7:09 pm

    Hey, this blog is just like mine.

  4. Sandra Lonchyna permalink
    February 5, 2008 1:38 pm

    I want you to know that your story and walk with Christ is very special! My Husband passed away with cancer and he had a similar walk with Christ. Each ones’ walk is unique, God brings us closer to him when we invite him there. I pray for your continued health and happiness!! God is working through you!!!

  5. peacefulone permalink*
    February 7, 2008 12:58 am

    Dearest Sister Sandra, I feel like the angel that fought the forces to get to Daniel sometimes…I clearly have been trying to write to you since you sent your letter. I’m so glad that you stopped by! I know that God sent you. I want to know how you’re doing now and I’ll tell you that I believe that God has great plans for you! In fact, I know it. Smile. I am praying for you and as you move closer somehow I know that we’ll all be Blessed by your Ministry! Blessings and Love…Come back soon!

  6. Pastor Sanjeeva Rao permalink
    February 29, 2008 8:04 pm

    My Dear Beloved Pastor Lanie in Christ Jesus,
    Greetings to you in his most trusted name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
    I am pleased to introduce to you as Pastor. B. Sanjeeva Rao, serving the lord for the last 20 years in coastal area of Andhra Pradesh state (S. India) in Kotipalli and its surrounding villages and I have been ministering in 10 churches with 10 co-pastors who are young, anointed and dedicated to the service of God.
    Ours is an independent ministry serving the lord with utmost faith only and there is no help and support from within abroad.
    God made a miracle in my life when I came to see your website, I was thrilled to note the activities of your ministry that touched my heart greatly.
    You are well aware the dreadful tsunami that hit coastal belt in 2004 during which time some of our church members reached the heavenly abode leaving their children Orphans. Keeping in view of the misery, we have taken in adoption 20 tsunami Orphan children according to James 1:27 and providing food, clothing, education and all accommodation at free of cost.
    Part of our work we visit villages, knock door-to-door, distribute pamphlets, tracts and bible material, pray for the sick and needy and conduct rural village Gospel meetings, win their souls and leading them to the kingdom of God.
    I was encouraged after having gone through your Id& website and decided to work with your ministry and in your fellowship.
    On my behalf, on behalf of our co-pastors, church elders, Orphan children, widows and saints, I inviting you to visit India in the year 2008 to minister with us as we are much interested to see you in person, to have you in our midst and conduct crusade meetings, pastors’ seminar and village Outreach ministry and to win many a perishing souls to add to his kingdom and request you to join in prayer with us.
    We were all praying for you daily in our personal, family and church prayers and request you to continue to pray for us, for our ministry and for our invitation to you to visit India to ministry with us in 2008.
    With much love in Christ Jesus,
    I look to receive your mail soon,
    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    Pastor B Sanjeeva Rao.

  7. peacefulone permalink*
    March 3, 2008 6:02 pm

    My Dearest Pastor Rao, Blessings unto you. Please forgive me for not responding to your precious email sooner. Our dear uncle went home to be with the Lord last week and there was so much business and ministering to be done. I did however see your email and I took it to one of my prayer meetings and we prayed for your every concern.

    I myself am a humble servant of the Most High God, love Jesus and am led by the Spirit of God. However, I am not serving in the call of minister as yet; though I am Blessed to minister (as we all should) to thousands by way of the mighty door on the Internet. I am a prayer warrior. I belong to 4 Prayer Groups, volunteer in a Twenty-four hour Prayer Center and attend Early Morning Prayer at my church. I still believe it is a Divine Connection. I have been before the Lord to ask what I can do to help and I still believe that much is to be revealed. At this course I am praying that God will send a Ministry capable of meeting your needs. I still will pray and be led to do whatever I can. My heart goes out for you, your pastors, the saints of God, the people that you are reaching out to, the sweet orphans, the sick, and anyone laid to your charge and my prayers as well. It is so wonderful to have this new assignment in prayer! God will show me what I can do and who to contact. In the meantime; this is what I need from you:

    1. The Name of your church.
    2. How many people attend.
    3. How much help that you have and need.
    4. Your address.
    5. The challenges that you face.
    6. What churches are you if any affiliated with.
    7. What Denomination you are.
    8. Please feel free to constantly keep me updated on any of your prayer needs as they may change.

    I am committed to you and I ask your permission to write a letter on my site about your ministry after I have recived notice back from you. So please tell me as much as you can about you and your ministry. The Prayer Warriors have and continue to pray for you all fervently. I will take the prayer concerns to my other groups as well. God hears our prayers and He answers so please let me know what they are. It may not sound like much…but I trust God Almighty to work it all out! You can begin to praise Him for He is so Worthy!


  8. peacefulone permalink*
    April 2, 2008 1:54 am

    Dearest Readers, Please pray for Pastor Rao. I am not certain where He is or what is going on but all of his emails are returned. We will continue to lift up him and his ministry and we’re trusting God that we’ll be reunited with Pastor Rao and his ministry because we believe God wants us to help0 them. Thank you all for standing in prayer agreement with us in Jesus Name. Amen

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