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Was That Headache Real or Memorex? by Elaine Davenport January 4, 2010

January 3, 2010

Or was it just spiritual warfare?

I remember standing in church, touched by the Spirit of God and just praising God. I was charged up and rightfully so. God has been more than good to me and I know it. So that means I’m thankful; but does immense thankfulness translate to great faith? I am sure that that depends on each individual and a host of other factors. Certainly, we should all be in the business of building our faith and keeping an eye on where we are at. Why? That’s easy, so we don’t slip, so we don’t drawback.

The devil has chosen to whoop on me periodically with “symptoms” a headache. I have always been able to apply the Blood of Jesus as well as healing scriptures and have these symptoms of a headache go away. To describe the “symptoms” is important because they are of great and growing intensity when they come. They don’t come often enough for me to take them seriously, but they come. I wouldn’t give them this much ink except this whole illustration may help someone.

Last night they were very bad and I just began to praise God over and over again. I praised myself to sleep. Before I went to sleep in the midst of a great symptom of pain; I felt a very cool breeze blow on me. I was lying near the fan, but it was on low. The Central Air was on in my house but the vent doesn’t work well in my room. Yet, there was this breeze that was blowing on my face like from the North Pole and I was feeling so good from it that I didn’t want it to stop. I was still Praising God as everything unfolded and the praise brought forth my healing.

This morning I was sleeping so good, I didn’t want to get up. We can stand on the Word of God.

Editor’s Note:  I can truthfully say that I got victory over the devil with the headaches.  For several years, I had them until I decided no more.  Maybe now instead of getting them 300 days a year, I may…may get them 2 days a year.  When I do, I refuse to receive them!

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