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MOUNTAINS M-O-V-E!!! by Elaine Davenport October 31- November 6, 2009

October 30, 2009



I was speaking to some people who attended prayer this morning and  a few people had some mountains (or problems) that needed to be moved!  This signaled to me a call for a prayer.  You see, we draw a lot of people who are going through some things and it is of great importance that we begin to say some stuff…so let’s have at it.  God has given us some power to do this; we can speak His word.


Heavenly Father,  before I ask; I thank thee O God.  I thank thee for this Blessed day for you have given me great joy, great strength and great wisdom.  I also praise thee because You are so magnificent and  holy.


You said that we can speak to a mountain and tell it to be cast into the sea so we speak to mountains of debt, miscommunication, distraction, maritial woes, sickness, calamity or anything else and we tell it to be gone!  We do that boldly and fiercely.    You said that You would put forth Your hand and overturn them. (Job 28:9)  So, by faith we see that and we say Hallelujah!  You said that You deal and contend with every mountain  and command thewm to hear Your voice.                 ( Micah 6: 1)  We have utter confidence that which You have promised You are also able to perform.


The mountains don’t have a choice.  They tremble at the presence of God.  Yeah!!!   Father let the mountains melt at Your presence.  We love the fact that all of these mountains are rendered powerless because of  Your Awesome power!    So, we cast our burdens on You; knowing that You care for us!  In Jesus Name  Amen

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