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Taboo by Elaine Davenport (Tuesday, April 15, 2008)

April 13, 2008

We want to use this forum to talk about things that we normally don’t discuss or talk about. Hopefully it will satart you to thinking and enable you. It’s not meant to offend in any way. –This will be a permanant series. In the body of Christ; we’ve got to talk about the unspoken stuff. It’s no cause for disagreements, but a cause for peace and greater understanding.

Somebody said: “Everybody wants to go to heaven…but nobody wants to die.”

The fact is that for believers, death is not the end of things…it’s a beginning.

Funerals. I seem to go to a lot. Years, ago I read an Obituary at a funeral for a dearly departed friend and the door opened. After that, I was asked to read Obituaries, minister to bereaved families, write poems and eventually the entire Obituary for many many people. I became a so to speak “underground observer” of all of the behind the scenes and on the scenes actions that take place in the dynamics of a funeral. But, that’s not what I want to talk about.

I’ve done a lot of data analysis in my life, but I’ve not seen research comparing the nature of the deaths of people in the “world” to “born again” believers; but I’ve roughly made some comparisons in my realm.

When I was in the world; I attended some pretty dire funerals. One in particular was a young man who had robbed a drug house (I was told). When the drug people caught up with him; rumor was he experienced great torture. I knew him and it was heart wrenching. He was my cousin. That was twenty years ago.

Since being in the kingdom, I’ve noticed that the Homegoings that I attend are much less traumatic. That is: the cause of death is different, more gentler and the effect on families is less trying. Are there problems? Yes, of course. Do I know for certain just “who” is in the kingdom and is heaven bound? No, I don’t. It’s perplexing.

Do you have a subject you’d like to see discussed in the realm of warfare?  Write us, we’ll consider it.  Thanks!

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