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Flight Before The Antichrist? by Elaine Davenport

April 6, 2008

We learned to ride bikes by getting out there and falling until we “got” it. We also learned how to ice skate, play baseball and other sports the same way. I suppose that this is true for most people.


When Jesus comes back, he’ll be coming for the church…not a building but for the true believers. People who believe in the Holy Trinity. Everyone else will be “left behind.” It wasn’t my idea; I’m just stating a fact.

According to bible prophecy there will be an Antichrist and he cannot surface until after the Rapture, until after Jesus is back in heaven and breaks the 1st Seal.

A friend recently said: “I believe The Anitichrist is coming out of the United States. Since no one knows; that’s “remotely” possible, but unlikely. It’s also unlikely that the Antichrist will be from the Middle East, the United States or Asia. According to the bible; he’ll rule over one- fourth of the world in Europe. He’ll not rule over Asia or the Middle East. Muslims and Jews will likely ignore him. In fact, it will be Jewish men who will bring the gospel to innumerable thousands and the Antichrist will have no effect on them, being unable to touch them. That’s who the 144,000 is. We had always heard that represented Jehovah’s Witnesses years ago, but it isn’t true.

So the Antichrist will not rule the world; but he’s going to try. My advice to you…get your flight out beforehand.

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  1. Rachel permalink
    June 4, 2008 9:28 am

    Paul states very clearly in 2 Thessalonians that we will not be gathered to Jesus until after two things happen. 1. The great apostacy and 2. The man of lawlessness is revealed and sets himself up as God in the temple. Jesus Himself said in Matthew 24 that He would return ‘immediately after the tribulation of those days’. In Acts we are told that Jesus must remain in Heaven ‘until’ He comes to restore all things. In 1 Corinthians we are told that the resurrection takes place ‘at His coming’. When Jesus ‘comes’ the resurrection of all who are Christ’s will occur. Paul says in Thessalonians that we who are alive and remain will in no way precede the dead in Christ. Revelation says two times that those beheaded for not taking the mark of the beast are in the ‘first resurrection’. The resurrection must take place before the rapture. Since those who do not take the mark are in the first resurrection and we in no way precede them you can be assured we will go through the tribulation. The a/c will be given power over the entire earth except for three countries named in the O.T. Don’t trust what men have written. Read the Bible and save yourself. There are promises for those who do. I know you may be mad right now, but I am sincerely trying to show you something amazing. Take a few months, don’t read any commentaries, pray to the Lord for the truth and to show you the true timing and then read His word. He will do for you what He did for me if you ask. It is amazing. You’ll see. So much has opened up. It’s a whole new world. God Bless you.

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