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You Can Make It Stop by Elaine Davenport

March 18, 2008

It was Christmas and I was happy to be exchanging gifts. I love doing that. My cousin Lisa showed up with a Book called Starting Your Day Right. It’s a daily devotions book that is supposed to be used each morning of the year. The Book is by Joyce Meyer. I wasn’t all that excited. I wasn’t in to Devotionals. But, I was curious. Sure enough I found myself using it when January rolled around. That book has Blessed me over and over again and caused me to have a whole new way of thinking.

Most of the time; “most” people have something going on; however there are still other people who from time to time are just besieged….and they want to scream: “Make It Stop!”

Has the devil got you on the run with one bad thing after another? You can make it stop!

If things are that bad…you need a TUNE UP! A Spiritual tune up. Get in God’s presence in the quietness of your room and begin to pray, ask God to help you. Start pleading the Blood. Read Ephesians 6; you are empowered. Get into agreement with God’s Word. You’re Victorious! You Win! Your needs are supplied; all of them. You are the righteous. It was a free gift. You don’t work for it, go to church for it…it’s yours. Stay in lock step with God, pray for somebody else, stand in faith and be expectin.


An expectant mother sits in a doctor’s office in a room full of expectant mothers and the lady next to her asks: “When is your baby due? She answers: ” September 15th. when is your baby due?” The other mother pauses and says” “I don’t know, we’re not sure but we do know it’s coming.”


You need to make up your mind about your prayer request and say: “It’s coming and it’s due; I don’t know exactly when but it is coming! I’m expecting!”avatarbraidslanie.jpg


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