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Warfare of Ideology by Elaine Davenport (Sunday, February 3, 2008)

January 28, 2008


: On Discipleship

In Grad School they teach you to narrow a subject down and to that end I’ve not accomplished my goal.

I want to talk about Discipleship. I was shocked to find out that there are churches that don’t believe in it. I thought about it. Certainly, it’s not a New Millenium phenomenon. Pastor Hayne was a Lutheran pastor from Germany. Most of his church except for a few had stopped coming to the church that made the “mistake” of not moving when the neighborhood changed. His charge was to get more members and keep them there. He went out for one mile in every direction and knocked on doors. That was a lot of knocking and a lot of doors. Our block alone which was probably one of one hundred or more had at least thirty houses on it. We didn’t let him in the first two times that he came. I was a child and I’m just telling you what I observed. On his third visit, I remember my mama saying: “I’m sorry everyone, clean up quick we’re going to have to let that poor man in. Of course mom felt so guilty she told him we’d come to the Lutheran church that following Sunday. I knew that Grandma wouldn’t like it. She was used to taking us to the Baptist church, but it didn’t matter because mom had made up her mind.

We met lots of friends there and there were lots of activities and I can truly say that the crux of my morals were formed in that very place. By the age of ten, I was praying for a husband and a family and God honored it. So I believe in discipleship. I’m no longer a Lutheran, but I’m still a child of God. God comes first! Oh yes! And I am indeed thankful for my spiritual roots. I believe that for Christians; so much less separates us than we care to think. Yet, I’m amazed as I study the spiritual landscape. I want what I do to make God smile, I want for Him to be pleased with me and my work for Him.

I just think it’s misunderstood because unfortunately, like Blog hits people equate church size with how good you are. That may be true, but more likely God doesn’t care what size your church is…only your heart. There’s really no need for people to resent large churches if they knew this.

When people warfare on ideology; I guess it’s their way of saying: “We don’t like change, we want you to be like us and if you aren’t there must be something wrong with you.”

I understand why people don’t like change…that’s what they taught in Grad School… nobody liked the idea; but everyone made the adaptation and guess what? After, we accepted it (even if it was because we “had” to) we liked change and it grew us up, somehow made us stronger.


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