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Hot Ticket For 2008: Prophecy (Monday, December 31, 2008) by E. Davenport

December 31, 2007

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Blogs are Blowing up with traffic as everyone tries to find out the Prophecy for 2008! I’ve heard remnants and rumblings…but here’s a news flash…the prophecy for me won’t be the same for you. It will sound the same and maybe it will make you feel really good…but guaranteed it will be an adventure that you are going to have to walk out.

I never realized the importance of prophecy for many years. And some people may want to know as I did; just what is it?

Prophecy is God’s plan for you as an individual and God’s plan for the Body of Christ. It’s a good idea to hear it, meditate on it and walk it out.

A few years back, I heard the prophecy (That year it was: Judgement & Overflow) and was good friends with someone who understood God’s plan for their lives better than I did. So, I did what I knew best; I helped them with their plan and forgot about mine. Their plan (My friend’s) soounded more exciting than mine. I didn’t do it deliberately and I didn’t plan it. That meant the plan that God had for me to initiate was delayed. I’m just thankful He is so merciful and didn’t give the plan to someone else. I no longer get sidetracked; I stick to the plan that God gave me. I don’t pay much attention to what He gives other people, (unless it’s a message from my pastor or a prophecy) but I’m happy for you…I truly am.

As a result of my association , my feet dragged on God’s plans for my life that year and I had to start all over the following year. In other words though I wasn’t expecting judgement…I was expecting Overflow.) I told people that I got neither; but when I really thought about it…smile, I guess my judgement was no Overflow. If I missed it in explaining this; I stand corrected. It was all my fault. I was supposed to be one place but I was in another place. God was speaking to me telling me to do stuff and I dragged my feet. I had convinced myself that I was doing the right thing and I never realized that I was off track until the year ended.

Let me give you some tips for you no matter what the prophecy is:

1. Examine how much you love God. This is critical because God has to come first in your life and if you fool yourself..well that’s one thing but you won’t fool God.

2. Make God a promise to be obedient and then keep your word.

3. Don’t get distracted. Whatever you did to get you to the level of seeking God and His promises and plans for you, continue to pursue like you are in a marathon and you want to win! As the Apostle Paul says…PRESS!

4. Get a Game Plan and stick to it. Examine The Plan Once a month. OOPS…I MEANT ONCE A DAY OR MORE. No, I’m serious.
You want the bonus? Go the extra mile.

5. Expect the unexpected but don’t be deterred.

6. Avoid the pride or approval of man. See, people know you pray, you love God, you have compassion, ask God for wisdom in handling the unforseen; let Him order your steps.

7. Remember that if the merry go round goes too fast, you’ll get off dizzy and become ineffective; so pace yourself.

8. It’s time to get organized. Clean your house. Keep yourself up. Spend wisely. Be more wise with your savings. Procrastination is an ugly enemy for the Must Do list.

9. Set an example for those around you. I don’t care if they hate you, loathe you, persecute you, ignore you…don’t reciprocate with anything less than love. No one said it would be easy. Jesus sure didn’t.

10. Make a difference and tap into the Creative Energy of God. Step up your worship, your praise, your meditation, your Bible studies, your spiritual fellowship, your researching, your serving God…do something different and make it count!

11. If you want the prophecy to apply to you, you can’t just sit back, you’ve got to do something otherwise you…are fooling you.

That’s all I have for now…God wants you to plug in and do the rest!


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