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What They Missed On “The View”! (Part One) by Elaine Davenport

December 6, 2007



I hardly like to discuss television shows. I believe that there are more important things to do, but in a recent episode of THe View there was an underlying controversy of Evolution versus Creationism that emerged. Believers should be put “on notice” about this. It doesn’t mean that you should stop what you’re doing, it just means be advised.

A lot of people may have actually wondered why I bothered to write about what happened on the television show The View. The fact that knowingly or not Whoopi Goldberg challenged Sherri Shepherd regarding her thoughts on if the “world was flat” was not the greater issue. The greater challenge was Creationism versus Evolution. It’s a big deal believers!

I was talking to our painter and I was telling him about it. I was surprised when he said: “You guys have a problem.”

“What guys?” I said.

“You Christians.”

I wanted to say “Huh, ummm I thought you were too?” But, I knew what he meant. He considers himself a believer, but he also considers that in his sight I’m over zealous and that I’ll defend the faith. Not saying God won’t use him to do the same, but he knows it means that much to me and others.

He felt that the weak part of the story on The View was the position Sherrie Shepherd found herself in; being put on the spot by Whoopie and being caught off guard with having to defend and explain her beliefs in a split second without rehearsal. In all fairness, when a few of us discussed it…it’s not an ideal position to be in. However, a public forum like The View; any host that’s also an unashamed Christian would “have” to be ready for persecution or attack or as they politely say” clarification on your “viewpoint.”

So we did a script on what Sherrie Shepherd could have said to Whoopie when she was asked if she believed in Evolution.

Sherrie: “Whoopie, you already know that I believe in the Triune God and that I’ve already been able to resolve the question of Why am I here?” Now, I don’t think this is hardly the forum for my personal views on creationism versus science, but if you’d like to discuss it after the show or for lunch one day, we can do that.”


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