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Tell God! (Tuesday, November 27, 2007)

November 15, 2007


When I was a little girl, I quickly learned (through incorrect instruction combined with what little I knew) to say I only wanted to bother God with the BIG things and not the little things. It was as though I thought God was keeping score and was going to say: “She ran out of credits!” (smile)

At the age of ten years old, I learned to go before the Father, but because of my wrong thinking, I never asked for help or guidance all of the time. My prayer life was broken up. Now don’t get me wrong…God was still merciful. I survived some really crazy stuff. As I got older, my prayers were still fragmented. Math wise that’s 1 + 1 = 6.


One day I woke up. I decided I would talk to God on a consistent daily basis and not just 15 seconds here or there. Leading up to that I was calling upon God in certain circumstances with great success. I believe that led me to stepping up my prayer life along with something stirring in my heart and some good teaching from the bible. I get so sad when I hear people speak negatively about God. He loves us so much. However, He desires to have a personal relationship with us. He desires to know us. He wants us to bring each and every concern to Him. We’re not bothering Him. I now have the correct Math equation for my life and I know it’s because of answered prayer. It’s been powerful.

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