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Satan must be fighting Mad! (too bad) by Elaine Davenport (Monday, November 19, 2007)

November 12, 2007

I was just thinking, Satan must really be ticked off. He must be fighting mad, (because he loves to start a fight; especially with folks who don’t believe he’s a defeated foe.) The Christians finally woke (mostly) up as a body like never before and realized that God loves Jerusalem and that we must love from within our hearts the Jewish people and their right to occupy God’s land! I went from not really understanding it to total understanding in a real short time. You can too!

In your average church, (not all of them)…if the Minister got up and said: “Today’s message is on the Peace of Jerusalem” I wonder what the reception might be? Let’s talk about it.

Many Christians and even other groups who consider themselves to be “like” Christians do not understand the importance of the Jewish nation.

(Referenced from Operation Jerusalem) *God told David in the Old Testament that he had chosen Jerusalem. God said Israelites were His people. Now, there is nothing that can change that. Politics, religion, lack of religion, apathy, ignorance, wars, hatred…nothing can change this. More importantly: Israel is where Jesus will reign.

God commanded us to pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem. God said He will Bless those who do this.

People love to hear the word Blessing.

You don’t hear this much but God said: “Comfort my people.” Hmm…How could you or I be comforting Israel? We could be extending kindnesses like we do to anyone else that is in need of comforting. It’s been said that Jerusalem has been leveled to the ground 5 times; yet the Lord keeps raising it back up. Does that tell you something?


PLEASE SEE OPERATION JERUSALEM for further insights and scriptural references.

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