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I did a Test! by Elaine Davenport (Sunday, October 28, 2007)

October 26, 2007

I did a test. I wrote about what has been happening to: Bishop Weeks, Evangelist Bynum and The White’s; from the perspective of Spiritual Warfare; using no gossip and people still came by the droves. They ran my site statistics through the roof simply because I wrote down their names. That’s funny. What does that say? I don’t want to touch the answer with a ten foot pole, but stop and think about that.

The Devil doesn’t have any new tricks! He’s got this controversy going about Bishop Weeks, Evangelist Bynum, and The White’s and continues to recycle it. It couldn’t keep going if people didn’t run to read it…Hello?

Can you stand being criticized, picked apart, vilified and examined as if you were in a test tube?

I’ve got your attention…now I’ll tell you the truth. It’s an attack on the church; an affront to every believer…it’s Satan…stand up and take notice. He sets traps and sometimes humans fall in……

Oh my goodness, the list is long with people who choose to speculate about men and women of God. That’s spiritual immaturity. Get behind them and pray. If it’s a failure; it’s a prayer failure. If I have erred in any way in speaking on them, Lord I repent, my intentions are honorable. It in not my job to judge them. I encourage you if you are reading this to pray for them and not to criticize.

You have to be prayed up to get on the Internet if you are a believer. Most of my prayer friends don’t come on the Internet. I’m talking about powerful men and women of God. They pray….they get answers! This is so. My friends don’t get on the Internet because this isn’t where their assignments are. My assignment is partially here. This is the place where I can do my part to get the Word out. I’m not alone. Not only are there faithful men and women of God at work on the Internet combating the forces of evil; with the Word of God and bringing Light to a dark place, but they love it. They remain strong and formidable. I noticed a lot that the average person doesn’t know about.

The main thing that I noticed is the attack on the church!

Remember when Hitler started in on the Jews in Germany? Well, nobody did much until they realized that he wasn’t going to stop there and that’s shameful!

Well, look around. First look at what God said about the body:

1 Corinthians 12: 12-30

HERE’S THE POINT: As you sit back and look at the Juanita Bynum’s, The Bishop Weeks, The Randy White’s and the Paula’s White’s, the ugly rumors that you entertain, as you sit back and look at the body of Christ with a pessimistic eye, I tell you….that is a part of Your Own Body…so don’t be too hasty to judge, but instead…be hasty to pray! Be hasty to pray. They didn’t just get attacked…we did! Don’t sit back thinking shame shame as the world picks them apart not entitling them to anything that simulates privacy in anyway! Hey Church…that’s your family…what you gonna do?

P.S. I’d show you a Video, but I can’t find any decent ones that would do the situations any justice and that’s really sad.

That’s all, I’m out.

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