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You Decide; You Control! by Elaine Davenport (Thursday, September 27, 2007)

September 26, 2007

God Bless You!   Dear Friend, there is passion in my voice when I greet you!  I have prayed for you and I am excited!    Look back over your life and ask yourself:  “How did I get to where I am now, from where I started?”   “How did I come this far? “   It wasn’t by coincidence!   I won’t begin to try to guess your circumstances, but if you examine the long road that you traveled; you should give a sigh and a shout and say: ”Thanks be to God!”


It was 1982, and everything was going my way.  Nothing could have been better.  It was John, (my husband) Piper (who was just a baby) and myself.  We hadn’t long been in our new home, which we had just decorated!  One day, I noticed some little red bumps on my leg.  Within a few days,  they turned to these reddish blisters.  At the same time, I got the worst fever.  I remember my teeth chattering because I was so cold even though every blanket in the house was placed over my body.   Even when the fever went away, I looked as though I’d been through some terrible ordeal.    My “walk” turned into a hobble. 


I was rushed to the hospital and they said that it was the worst case of Lupus that they had ever seen!  I didn’t even know what that meant!  It was a Friday.  They gave me some steroids and told me to come back on Monday.  They made it clear that they couldn’t help me.  Over that week-end, I can’t tell you what I did.  Laid around and rested.   I just know that on Monday morning, I was back to normal!  When I went returned to his office, the doctor couldn’t believe it.  Neither could I.   It was a miracle!  Every physical sign of sickness was gone! I will never forget.   It was NOT a coincidence.  Too often we think it is.  We shrug our shoulders and go on.  It was God’s mercy.  The bible says he has brand new mercies for us everyday! 


To tell you the truth, I had always told people that God planned to give me 14 miracles in my lifetime!  Then, I sat back and counted.  I have said this since I was a little girl.  I don’t know why I started doing this and the only reason that I continued with this confession is because I believed it!  That in itself is a miracle considering that I only knew one fifth of what I know now!  Now, I know that you can declare what will happen to you with your mouth.   “death and life are in the power of the tongue…”  You can cause Blessings to come into your life.  You DECIDE. 

You CONTROL!    

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