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Unusual by Elaine Davenport (Wednesday, September 12, 2007)

September 8, 2007

I’m an unusual person. Once I leave my church premises whether I was there for a service, prayer or volunteering at the Prayer Center ; I am considered to be unusual. It took my family a few years to get used to my praying. Probably the funniest thing that happened was when I was in the bathroom making all of this noise with my feet; I heard running towards the door. I didn’t care because I had a job to do in the spirit realm and in the natural. There were some things I had to say and some messages I had to send.

My children snatched open the unlocked door and yelled: “Mom, Mom are you okay?” Mom, what’s wrong?” I replied calmly: “Nothing’s wrong; why?” My son says: “What was all that noise?” I said: “You mean this?” I began to stomp with all my might. I said: “I’m just stomping out the devil.” They were like: “Okay?”

They later came to believe in and respect that stomping.

No one seems to understand Prayer Warriors; but it’s okay. We’re sober and vigilant just like the Word of God says and we know that the adversary the devil walks around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. And even though people understand what Prayer Warriors do and love to do; they still don’t understand.

I get a lot of emails about injustices and my job is to pray. While others get mad, I get in prayer mode. However, it is easy for people to think that I don’t care. I care so much that instead of taking petitions to man; I will take them to God. Such is the life of a Prayer Warrior.

It’s also easy to lose your place. For instance; I oonce got a distress call from a friend who wanted advice. I guess I felt flattered and went into Social Worker mode. I began to give advice and none of it was right. All I had to say was: “Let’s pray.” That’s all I had to say.

I believe that in this journey of writing about the Prayer Forces and the challenges that we all face; that we’ll all be strengthened and encouraged!

I’m unusual but I’m not alone. The Greater One lives on the inside of me and there are “lots” of Prayer Forces out here!

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